2017 Back to the Pot :)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had the time or the inclination to write so bear with me as I get back into the groove.  Had a lot of setbacks the last few years, and wow, comparing my pictures from just a few years ago when I started this blog to now it shows… there’s even a noticeable difference between pics now and from just two months ago!  I’ve been through quite a few health issues in the past two months but things are better although there’s more testing this week and possibly another surgery.

Doing a reboot of 2017, starting yesterday… getting back to writing and crafting are a couple goals for this year.  Two resolutions made several weeks back are to be better about asking for help (something that’s very hard for me to do) and to make self-care a priority rather than viewing it as self-indulgence.   I’m still struggling with them although it’s been weeks now… ingrained habits are hard to break.

That’s it for now.  It’s been a weird start to the year… started out wonderfully and went to shit on my birthday, hence the reboot starting yesterday.  So far so good 🙂


Misery Really DOES Love Company!

Every week I learn something new from my jobs; today’s lesson is from the worst one.

I’ve always tried throughout life to wear a smile. Yes, I have troubles, maybe even more than the average Joe (or Jane as in this case). But, if I dwell on them it will just depress me and what a waste of time and energy that is! I’d rather dwell on the good things in life… even if you feel like there’s nothing good going on for you at least you woke up today above ground 🙂 which is a good start to any day!

So back to the crappy job. I try to look at it as my “free gym membership” where I get paid to work out (it’s a very demanding job physically, manual labor, but it’s a paycheck, however small).
I went to my boss since they have an “open door policy”. I’ve since come to learn that’s not true, if you have a problem you keep your mouth shut or they will attempt to make your life hell. If you’re not as miserable as them they’ll work to make it that way.

Oh well, I don’t work there to make friends, I work there to help pay for my life. The hours I spend there is nothing but a drop of water in the pool of my life.

Media Monday (10) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Michael Caine, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin star in this hilarious movie about con artists who pretend to be rich, wooing their next victim with the money from their last victim.
Michael Caine as the ‘straight guy’ works beautifully with Steve Martin’s ‘goofy guy’ character as they work against each other, then decide to work together. Quite funny!

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