So much chaos in my head, health, house, yard, finances, personal relationships and life in general.  Writing helps me organize thoughts, get some of the crap out of my head and let me sort things out which is much needed right now!

I’ve been passive for too long on too many things and though I’ve always known “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” I dislike fussing and fighting.  But, that’s got to change.
“Everything they want from here on out they’re gonna have to take.” Billy Jack

Afterwards, a bit of DIY, making this Cardboard Cat Scratcher will settle my mind.



It’s a different world now…
In the past people worked from the time they were children and retired when they were older to do whatever it is they wanted to do for years but couldn’t because of jobs, children etc. Boomers will be the last generation who know this life.

Many of the Gen-Y lived like they were retired until they were 20-30something, living off mommy/daddy until they finally decided what they wanted to do when they grow up. So I don’t see a ‘retirement’ for them like in the past because they already had their 10-15yrs of ‘retirement’ when they were young enough to enjoy it.

Gen-Xers like me who worked like dogs from childhood, always putting away for retirement and got screwed by this economy (and other events) are the generation who will have no retirement at beginning or end of life.  We’re the generation who learned the hard way it’s not a good thing to pay off your house but rather owe the bank as much as possible.  We’re the generation who was taught to pay all of our bills but learned the hard way it’s better to make payments and keep the money in our pockets.

The mindset of “live for today” isn’t a bad one.  Old age isn’t guaranteed… you could fall ill or even be murdered tomorrow.  So while saving for tomorrow, don’t forget to live an enjoyable life today.

Random thought on technology

I saw this and wanted to share it here:

Technology didn’t progress so I would have to choose.
It progresses so that I have more options.

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