Misery Really DOES Love Company!

Every week I learn something new from my jobs; today’s lesson is from the worst one.

I’ve always tried throughout life to wear a smile. Yes, I have troubles, maybe even more than the average Joe (or Jane as in this case). But, if I dwell on them it will just depress me and what a waste of time and energy that is! I’d rather dwell on the good things in life… even if you feel like there’s nothing good going on for you at least you woke up today above ground 🙂 which is a good start to any day!

So back to the crappy job. I try to look at it as my “free gym membership” where I get paid to work out (it’s a very demanding job physically, manual labor, but it’s a paycheck, however small).
I went to my boss since they have an “open door policy”. I’ve since come to learn that’s not true, if you have a problem you keep your mouth shut or they will attempt to make your life hell. If you’re not as miserable as them they’ll work to make it that way.

Oh well, I don’t work there to make friends, I work there to help pay for my life. The hours I spend there is nothing but a drop of water in the pool of my life.


Don’t Trust In Man

Are you placing your faith and trust in man, rather than God Himself?

Humans have the tendency to look to one another for support and leadership, but mere humans will lead you astray. Sometimes intentionally, to make themselves feel better about the wrong path they’re taking or to bring down someone of whom they’re envious.

Sometimes people will get led the wrong way unintentionally. They put people they believe are “holy” (pastors, priests, preachers, imans, rabbis, and so on) up on pedestals then believe everything they say as truth, never realizing these are just people…human beings who are as fallible as us. In the end, it is our own responsibility to make certain we are doing the right things in the right way rather than take the word of another person. I’ve seen this abused in every religion.

Some people look to movie stars as role models, and even minimize bad behaviour because “everyone’s doing it”.
NEWSFLASH: not “everyone” is doing it. It might seem like it if you’re allowing yourself to sit in front of the TV immersing yourself in fantasy world. Hollywood and Bollywood are not reality. Surround yourself with people who are living in a correct way rather than wrong-doers. What you are surrounded with is what you become. Remember “birds of a feather flock together”? It’s very true.

Another set of people we look to are the people in our everyday life, those we view as ‘good’: relatives, friends, teachers, business leaders. But again, these people are not perfect and to follow them in all things can end very badly.
This is one reason why we should always strive to live the best life we can…you never know what set of little eyes are focused on you as a parent, teacher, elder relative, and you don’t want to unintentionally lead them astray; do you?

Some people do follow a wrong path blindly because “it’s always been done” (culture), or because a religious leader says so (wrong interpretations of scripture)… but in the end we are responsible for our own actions. It is up to us to use the brain God gave, research what is taught to us by others, and live in a way God would be happy.

If you place all your trust in man, he will disappoint you; if you place your trust in God, this will bring happiness.

Web Wednesday (4)

I hope to get a copy of A Thousand Lives before October. It’s the horrific story of the Jonestown mass suicide. If you are too young to know about it, watch the PBS Jonestown: the Life and Death of Peoples Temple 9-part series on YouTube.

Such a horribly sad story. The idea was a seemingly good one, Utopia on earth, but as in all things: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thankful there were not more who got trapped in this nightmare.

Internet of the Mind is an awesome site that covers so many topics from how to deal with stress to conflict resolution. Bookmark it, you won’t be able to read everything in one sitting!

While you’re reading, 🙂 how about some incredible cookie stuffed cookies? Reminds me of the cookies I make, stuffed with pieces of Snickers bars. So delicious! I’ll post recipe next time we make them.

I’ve seen WhatsApp previously but didn’t bother with it because I didn’t know anyone using it. Besides, Yahoo!, msn, ICQ, Google chat and so on work on computers and all mobiles with internet access. But they are somewhat limited (no voice on mobile apps) and in some cases not reliable or easily hacked (Y!) so when a friend suggested this app I tried it.

It’s nice in that it gives iPhone, Android, and Nokia users similar options as the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). It’s a cross platform so all these phones can communicate with each other, giving them the ability to IM, send voice notes and pics. This saves money on text fees if you have an unlimited data plan.
It’s growing on me 🙂
Download from your mobile here.

One last, but not least, website to leave you with: Daily Challenge, a “social well-being” program.

Until next week…. happy surfing!

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