Web Wednesday (9)

This week we have an eclectic mix of sites!

The first is origami on a larger scale: a tablecloth folded into a picnic basket. Follow instructions for newspaper seed pots and substitute the newspaper with a 5′ square oilcloth or tablecloth to make a picnic basket.

Next is security concerns about RFID chips in passports (which have been in U.S. Passports for many years now)… how to protect yourself from people stealing your info or tracking you with this instructables article. Take note of the DIY RFID-blocking wallet and pouch, or search for others.

You can also use RFID chips in your favor with this instructable on how to turn your cellphone into a paypass.

Another security concern: gov’t requests for information on people from social sites. Read this ACLU article.
The more people who are aware of our government’s actions, the more secure are our rights and freedoms!

Here’s a current event blip on the radar now: U.S. and Israel created the Flame virus which has caused such a stir in the tech world for a month or so. Big surprise? No.

On a lighter note, I stumbled across free printable hidden pictures this week. Do you remember Highlights for Children from when you were a child? For me that was the only good thing about going to the dentist; loved the hidden pics, hated the dentist!
Though I’ve outgrown being afraid of the dentist, I’ve never outgrown hidden pictures, even the kiddie ones.
Print some out today 🙂


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