Web Wednesday (8)

Sorry this is a day late, life got in the way!
This week around the web I came across something I’d never heard about: cold brew coffee. Since I love iced coffee and sometimes notice coffee is a bit bitter or more acid tasting, this was something I wanted to try! Because it’s less acidic, it may also be a better coffee solution for those with acid reflux.
Do a search for recipes and find the ones you want to try because I came across everything from letting the grounds soak for 4hrs to 72hrs but the site I trust the most is America’s Test Kitchen, who states “24hrs is the sweet spot”. I’ll post separately how I made it a little more easily.

From caffiene to sleep πŸ™‚

“You’re the Guinea Pig:
Experimenting with Your Sleep and
is a look at sleep and the apps that can chart your sleep habits, help you sleep better, or even control the theme of your dreams. Sadly, none of the apps are for the Blackberry; most are for iOS and Android. We used an iPod Touch to test some of the apps. Fun, strange, interesting πŸ™‚ check it out!
Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my Blackberry… it’s never far from me and with it I can multi-task as if I’m on a computer – without being tied to a desk. Still, there are some things that can’t be done on the mobile… at least until I came across BeamExplorer! This app allows you to unzip/zip files right on the Blackberry, no more getting on the computer just to unzip a file. That seems to be the biggest draw for most people but for me it’s much more. It allows new Excel, Word and PPT files to be created. With Documents To Go, which came preloaded on my BB, you can open and edit those files but not create new ones. BeamExplorer allows me to do on the Blackberry what I’d normally have to get on the computer to do. ❀ it!
Last tidbit from the internet this week is something I’m extremely interested in: FREEDOM.
“Plenty to Hide” takes a look at that hated phrase “if you have nothing to hide…” which has led to legislation and agencies established ‘for our own good‘.
Freedom can’t protect itself, we must always be aware of attempts at removing or limiting our freedoms. Speak out against infringements upon on our rights!
I will be following up on issues of privacy and freedoms in other posts. Until then, see you around the web πŸ™‚


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