Web Wednesday (6)

This week my travels around the web included research for some projects in progress.
I knew *worms liked coffee grounds but didn’t know ants are repelled by coffee. I’ll be saving some of our grounds for an exterior barrier around the house! Check out these many uses for coffee and grounds.
(*stay tuned for my post about making small worm compost bin)

If you have a kid who likes to target practice you might like to make this chopstick crossbow. Adult supervision please!

I was happy to see several months ago the CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) Act pass, but lately have noticed advertisers using something different: bells ringing and other sounds to grab attention. Quite irritating!
Thankfully we rarely watch TV as it happens, instead taping (yes, old time VCR) our favorite shows and watching them as our free time allows (usually while multi-tasking on the computer). Recording allows us to watch 3hrs of ‘prime time tv’ in 2hrs. Try it some time…instead of an hour, it’s only about 40 minutes when you skip all the ads, which many times are not fit for children’s eyes anyway. Plus, no one needs to be bombarded by all the ‘buy, consume, spend’ messages. Just drag out the old VCR and put it to good use, no need to buy DVR service from a cable company.

Happy crafting and ad-free tv viewing!


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