Week in Review (5)

This was a great week! There were times I was a little sad, with everyone getting new clothes and gifts for their children for eid days, but then realized I was being a whiner over little things, the big things are all good 🙂 I have my child, shelter (for a couple months), food, electric and water. My needs are met… God always provides.

This week was first full week for public school students. Only change in routine for us is less ‘summer time’ activities now that the other children are in school; gives us more time to focus on the important things… not only schoolwork but on the home as well, to prepare for winter.

County Fair is coming this month, so the past 2 weeks began the preparations. Those obligations will increase as the time draws more near. I’ve already began the “get your projects done” mantra in the futile attempt to avoid the inevitable, last minute completion of projects in the truck on the way there! Every parent who has ever had a child in 4-H most likely knows what I’m talking about 🙂

Between the severe storms we’ve had and the high heat, I’m ready for autumn! Spring and fall are best, no need for A/C or heating. Let’s hope we have a very mild winter…

This was such a busy week and the weeks to come will be even more busy. I hope to have time for blogging but if it falls to the wayside temporarily that’s ok since I will be busy accomplishing things that need my attention.

I hope your week is filled with goodness…


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