Web Wednesday (4)

I hope to get a copy of A Thousand Lives before October. It’s the horrific story of the Jonestown mass suicide. If you are too young to know about it, watch the PBS Jonestown: the Life and Death of Peoples Temple 9-part series on YouTube.

Such a horribly sad story. The idea was a seemingly good one, Utopia on earth, but as in all things: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thankful there were not more who got trapped in this nightmare.

Internet of the Mind is an awesome site that covers so many topics from how to deal with stress to conflict resolution. Bookmark it, you won’t be able to read everything in one sitting!

While you’re reading, πŸ™‚ how about some incredible cookie stuffed cookies? Reminds me of the cookies I make, stuffed with pieces of Snickers bars. So delicious! I’ll post recipe next time we make them.

I’ve seen WhatsApp previously but didn’t bother with it because I didn’t know anyone using it. Besides, Yahoo!, msn, ICQ, Google chat and so on work on computers and all mobiles with internet access. But they are somewhat limited (no voice on mobile apps) and in some cases not reliable or easily hacked (Y!) so when a friend suggested this app I tried it.

It’s nice in that it gives iPhone, Android, and Nokia users similar options as the Blackberry Messenger (BBM). It’s a cross platform so all these phones can communicate with each other, giving them the ability to IM, send voice notes and pics. This saves money on text fees if you have an unlimited data plan.
It’s growing on me πŸ™‚
Download from your mobile here.

One last, but not least, website to leave you with: Daily Challenge, a “social well-being” program.

Until next week…. happy surfing!


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