Why We Home School

This blog post by a young girl made me flashback to school days. There are many events from that 12yrs I wish were forgotten, but some good came from it, like the decision to home educate!

When I was in 4th grade, moving up to 5th, the reality of how schools treat children hit. One of my best friends was moved to the “stupid” class, a close acquaintance moved to “average” and another friend and I were moved to the “smart” class. Welcome to public “education”.

Back then they were blunt about it, now they try to hide it with terms like “tracking” and “ability grouping”. But it’s no different now than years ago: a teacher’s bias can change or even ruin a child’s entire future by moving them from the one track to another, such as “college track” to a “vocational track”. (Vocational, General, College-bound, Honors, and AP)

Children live up, or down, to elder’s expectations. My friend did not do well in test-taking, but knew the material; I know this because we studied together and quizzed one another.
I watched as he slowly got his self-esteem crushed and began living down to expectations of the gov’t. educational system 😦

This is what “schools” do: crush the love of learning out of children. By the time they are grown, they are stuck in a rut of “how it’s always been done” with minds closed like bear traps. “What should be” is gone, creativity is gone.

I believe every person should be a lifelong learner. When you stop learning, you die…even if it’s just on the inside. You become a shell with no substance.

Home education gives the child freedom to be a child, without the stresses of consumerism, without bullies, without being pushed into situations too adult for children. It allows them to be curious, ask questions, learn how to find the answers and follow their interests for as long or little time as they wish. When you enjoy what you’re learning you retain that knowledge.

We all know children need to be children for as long as possible because before long they’re out in the real world. As Hira might learn (though I hope not), there will be bosses who steal ideas and present them as their own. A step up from teachers who steal work to give to another child.

So in some way schools serve a purpose, in teaching the dog eat dog mentality. They also push consumerism, lowered morality, and very much resemble prisons. (Visit a school, especially an inner city one, and see the similarities between the grounds, the cafeterias, the feel.)

I’m not pro gov’t schools, but am very much pro-education. There IS a better way and home educators have been proving this in the USA for more than 20yrs.

For those of you considering home education (hopefully before the birth of your children and not after the school system has done their damage!) please do your research. It’s not a difficult thing to do and the rewards are numerous, for both you and your child!

Don’t fall into the lie of “gov’t. school at home” with the free compter and internet… for this is still just government school. Their curriculum, their agenda, their morals, taught in your home.

Talk with other home schoolers to get a variety of ideas. Learning styles differ; each child is different. What works best for someone else may not work for you and yours. There are many curriculum packages out there which you can incorporate into your life, or you can design your own to fit more comfortably with your child’s interests.

If you are considering home education, I encourage you to do it and wish you good luck. You won’t regret it.


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