Media Monday (4) Tales from the Darkside: The Movie

Another 1990 movie, but this time we go for a scary, suspenseful, intriguing movie. Based on the 1980’s TV series “Tales from the Darkside”. Stars Deborah Harry, Matthew Lawrence, Christian Slater, David Johansen.

F-word and other cursing is used in the movie, especially the 2nd segment, and a lot of bloody gore. NOT a children’s movie!A caged boy (Matthew Lawrence) narrates three stories from a book given to him by the woman (Deborah Harry) who is about to cook him for dinner (along the lines of Hansel and Gretel) to buy himself more time.

The first story deals with two students. The spoiled rich boy (Christian Slater) cheats a struggling poor boy out of a much needed scholarship. The latter then tries to get his revenge.

The second tale is about an old rich man, owner of one of the biggest drug companies which manufactured a very popular, expensive, and highly addictive drug. He hires a hitman to take out a very unlikely target.

These tales, although set up like ‘fairy tales’ or ‘bedtime stories’, are definitely not for the younger set! They carry an underlying message of karma, which I find fascinating.

Schedule it for a watch AFTER the kiddies go to bed.
And don’t be afraid if your cat is looking at you strangely, I’m sure he means you no harm 😉


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