Week In Review (4)

This week has been even more of a roller coaster, but ended with us on top of the mountain instead of at the bottom.

A small break in the clouds on the job outlook, though not in my field (finance). I don’t know if I’ll like marketing, but doesn’t matter; money is money and it’s not illegal.
That’s my only priority right now, bringing money in to keep the electric and water on, so am thankful for this chance!

The severe storms seem to be over, and today’s weather has been fantastic! The remnants of hurricane Irene is over here… had very mixed feelings about it before it happened because of hurricane Ike, which came through September 2008.

I had major surgery that week, came home and was bedridden the night it came through. A torn cornea and much damage to the home, all of which I’m still dealing with.

That night was my first trip to the hospital in an ambulance and first trip in the back of a police car (no taxis were running and they were kind enough to give me ride home from hospital).
So, as you can imagine, “hurricane” doesn’t conjure up nice memories!

Summer is flying past, autumn will soon be here. This time of year things get super busy again and already I’m behind!

We missed the Perseids this month. Even when we’re not able to view them, it’s still nice laying outside in the dark sharing the experience.

Having a hard time staying focused on NOW, with constantly planning and worrying for the future. But today is all we have.

I’ll take a walk around the property this week, pick flowers for all the vases and use them as a reminder to stop and enjoy today.

What will you do this week as your reminder?


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