Web Wednesday (3)

August is back to school time, and the need for graph papers may arise. This website has many different options as well, such as paper for calligraphy, music, accounting, and so much more. Don’t forget to read the tips.

In leisure time I browsed America’s top 100 best places to live in 2011. It was interesting to me to see 5 of the top 50 were here in Ohio. No wonder I love it here; though it does have it’s drawbacks, like (to mention just one) West Nile virus.

Lots of deep thoughts this week, about where my life is heading and where it’s going. Stumbled on to this “10 Very Best Zen Stories”… some made sense and apply to situations I’m going though right now, some were a puzzle.

Speaking of puzzles, I begin my every morning with Sudoku on my BB. It’s a great way to get the mental juices flowing! If you don’t have it on your smartphone, check out Yahoo’s game site.

You can goof off with a family member or friend while having a cup of tea and color a page from the Crayola pages or these free coloring pages.
One of my MILs had no hobbies so she used to like to color to relax. She passed at 53yo last year, and to remember her birthday this month we got out the coloring books, crayons, and shared happy stories about her while coloring.

Until next week, keep surfing the web!


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