Thank You Waqas…

Dealing with health issues made so much worse by the toxic relationships in my life that I can’t escape. No income. Facing homelessness.
This is not everything that’s going on, but these are the most dire.

You cannot imagine how much your words have lifted me from the mire that is my life and set me on the path I need to go!

Today a miracle happened (feels that way to me!!) and the clouds parted. You have no idea how much your “keep at it” encouragement played a part.

One small step toward fixing some of the problems in my messed up life! So much to do, a long long way to go, but life looks better now than even this morning!

Thank you for providing support when people who should have been were not supportive. I was feeling so alone and drowning in darkness.

Thank you for giving me inspiration to keep going, keep trying, keep pushing past all obstacles.

Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again; so hard to do after my self-esteem has been beaten down for so long.
The old me used to never take “no” for an answer, nothing could crush me. I’ve been through so much that would have broken some others. I’ve started over with nothing so many times, but never had to do it while fighting people who have made it their life’s work to crush me. I’ve been a shadow of my former self for too long. I’m back.

Thanks to Allah for everything, especially my friend Waqas. Just for the record, I don’t use words lightly…acquaintances are many, friends are rare, true friends are even more rare.

Thank you Waqas, you have a heart of gold.


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