Media Monday (3) Madhouse

This 1990 movie stars John Larroquette and Kirstie Alley, as married couple Mark and Jessie Bannister. He works in investments, she works as a TV news personality.

When Mark’s cousin Fred, and his wife Bernice, come to visit for 5 days, everything that can go wrong = does!
Between houseguests who stay too long, to a home that’s falling apart, Mark and Jessie are about to go MAD!

This is a hilarious movie, though some scenes are not acceptable for the younger set. At beginning of movie the couple is in bed (kissing), and when they get a day alone, Jessie does a very provocative dance for Mark that even made me blush!

The various characters in the movie are not always PC, especially Jessie’s gold-digger sister Claudia, but this movie is full of laughs throughout! Watch it first so you know in advance where to have younger people not watch.
This movie is so funny you’ll want to watch it a second time anyway!


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