Week in Review (3)

This week was tiring. Physically not doing great; spiritually, mentally and emotionally doing well. Still learning to keep my distance from people who drag me down.

Weather has turned cold in nights which is a huge relief. We can close up the house about 10am and it holds the coolness until late day, when we open the house back up.

It’s ‘back to school’ time, but we educate year round so thankfully the rush does not affect us as much. Notification to the school system that we plan to home school again this year is required, but curriculum is an ongoing process.

I like home education… gives my child freedom, but it’s also a more realistic lifestyle than the fake atmosphere of government school, where children are grouped by same-age peers for 13 years. Nowhere else in life is this done, only to children and the elderly. Why the most fragile of our society are treated in this way, I don’t know. Children learn from the wisdom of their elders and need to know how to interact with all ages.

I could rant on and on about how our government school system fails children, from the way it resembles the prison system to the garbage it feeds them, but I will spare you… for now 🙂 just thankful we have the option to home school!

Preparations for the county fair are now in high gear, along with home preparations for winter… savoring the last of summer, in 2 months people will be whining about the cold 😀

Soon apples, pumpkins and various types of squash will be abundant and cheap… pumpkin bread, apple pie, cobbler, muffins, soup with squash to thicken the broth. Oh my tummy is now growling! Nothing like a big pot of soup to warm the body on cold days.
I’ll be adding recipes as I make things but there are some pumpkin/apple recipes posted already (see links above).

Busy end of the week ahead, so wishing you a happy weekend; make the best of what’s left of summer!


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