Web Wednesday (2)

This time my travels around the web began with beautiful pictures of animals. And how about these cool pics of colorful ants with semi-transparent tummies, brought to us by a doctor from South India.

Speaking of colorful, here is a website that updates the color of the NYC sky every 5 minutes. I love New York City so things like this make me feel almost homesick.

This expo marker tip is great for those moms with children (or spouses) who don’t do anything asked and don’t want to nag.
Check out Expo’s page on Facebook for $2 coupon off two packages (must “Like” them). The 6pk washable Expo markers are on sale until Aug. 20, 2011 for .99 each, after $3 instant coupon, at Walgreens = (2)6pks for free after all coupons.

One website, TheHusBand.org, caught my eye after I saw a short video about why wives are always right, though they had it spelled ‘wifes’. One of my OCD tics is correcting grammar and spelling errors 😉
On the subject of men/husbands, this ‘Role of the Man‘ touches on some general things. Too bad they don’t use examples to create better understanding.

A great site for learning the right way is SearchTruth.com. I found this site about 3yrs ago, really like it, and recommend it often.

Since I am in to eco-friendly, recycling/freecycling, frugal living, this info on “data furnaces” caught my attention.
I love the concept of living roofs as well.

Today is my father’s birthday… several people have birthdays coming up who are special to me. I hope none of them have any Cake Wrecks! (The write up on the ‘Creepy Baby Cake’ really had me laughing!)

Have a great week…


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