Media Monday (2) Crazy People

This week’s movie is an old one from 1990, with an 80’s feel: “Crazy People”. Dudley Moore, Daryl Hannah, Paul Reiser star in this movie that consists of a lot of comedy, some romance, a dose of reality and a little wishful thinking of how the world should be.

The language spattered throughout is what gets this movie an R-rating, with quite a few F-words. There are a few references to sexual situations as well (car ad referencing what guys want when they buy an expensive sports car). But the R-rated movies of the past are more mild than the PG-13 movies of today.

The movie begins with Dudley Moore’s character “Emory” stuck in standing traffic, where he snaps, gets out of his car, and begins yelling at the other drivers.

He gets to work at the advertising agency, where his co-worker is waiting anxiously. The boss is waiting for their ad ideas, which they don’t have, and the pressure’s on.

Emory comes up with some “honest ads” because he’s “tired of lying for a living”. But the new ideas don’t go over well with his boss. His co-worker admits him into an insane asylum, where he befriends some unusual people.

When his ads accidentally get out to the public, they’re a hit! Emory’s agency wants him to come back to work immediately, but he’s not ready to go. So he enlists the patient’s help in saving his job.

The “inmates” work on the “honesty in advertising” campaign with him and the ads are wildly popular. Some examples are “United: most of our passengers make it there alive” and “Come to New York, there were fewer murders last year”.

It’s a funny movie, not always PC, but worth watching.


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