The goddess in the toilet
This is a 10min video but so touching.

Every week I miss my grandma, so when I saw this girl singing about her grandma I had to share. Even if you do not speak the language, the soul of the singer you understand.

My grandma meant so much to me, it’s beyond words but I will try to paint you a picture. She wasn’t my blood grandma, I never knew my maternal side. But most people I’m closest to are not blood. Family by choice is the best, you are chosen.

Grandma said she never treated me differently than the other 30+ grandchildren, but she always did things to make me feel special.
All the grandchildren got $5 on our birthdays to spend as we wished … though she gave me $10 sometimes and told me not to tell the others because I was favorite :-). But I figured she did the same for all the children just to make each of us feel special.

Who knows, maybe she did it because I was there so much and was a help to her. I was always eager to help because she NEVER ordered people around. She had such a gentle way about her. She would sit down to take a break, look out the window and say wistfully “oh, I wish I could see out of these dirty windows…” and I would immediately say “I’ll wash them for you”.

Working at grandma’s was like a vacation for me! She would stay right with me while I worked and keep me company talking so it never felt like work. Much different than on the farm where we mostly worked on our own because my father couldn’t waste the time spending time with is, there was too much work to be done by each of us.

Throughout my growing up grandma was always there to comfort and teach me. When I got married at 16yo, we talked like friends. She was my best friend and role-model until she passed when I was 19yo, but what she taught me in those years will stay with me all life.

She taught me to treat others how I would like to be treated. She taught me patience in so many ways, with people and with situations. She taught me child-rearing. She taught me what a beautiful marriage looks like. She taught me to serve God. And she taught it all through example, not words.

She taught me to cook, bake, sew, crochet. This is why thoughts of her come into my mind so many times a week; she taught me so much of what I do daily. I do my best to make her proud and pass on the knowledge she shared.

I’ve never met anyone as good-hearted and loving as my grandmother, doubtful that another person like her exists. Everyone who every knew her was blessed… I wish you could have known her.


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