Web Wednesday (1)

This past week I took some time to look up info on the internet for a couple friends, and during my searches found some interesting things to share. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix, but thought they were entertaining and hope you do too. It was such fun, I’ll make it a weekly thing: Web Wednesday 🙂

These two webpages were a hoot… interesting and creative ideas for making money: Pencil Sharpening and Horrible Logos; I thought some logos were cute, like “Custom Bags”. Who knows, they might get rich!
I recall everyone laughing at a man who wanted a house and all he had to trade was one red paperclip… but he got his house, and an interesting story to go with it! His next quest was to find out who these guys are

Various blogs caught my attention, from escaping the cubicle to clearing your countertop with an artistic touch. Some yummy tips for snacking in the car (not just for children!) and a very cool “rock what you’ve got” tip for parents of girlie girls who get snagged up. I love rockin’ what I’ve got… reusing the items you already own is the best way to recycle! I bookmarked these for checking back.

What’s a trip through the internet without a stop at YouTube? Check out a 57 second clip of one of my favorite shows: WIPEOUT! Physical comedy cracks me up! And of course it wouldn’t be a trip around the internet without a cat video. I won’t tell you who wins in this kitten attacks apples saga 🙂

See you next Wednesday for more!


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