Pest Spray for Plants

If you notice pests on your plants, holes/leaves chewed (even if you don’t see the pest), or spots that look like disease or fungus, you need to immediately give your plant help! This is a good, ‘all-purpose’ type pest spray.

Never spray plants then put outside in the sun or it will burn their leaves, and never spray (or give water to) your plants in evening.
You should regularly wash your plants with a warm soapy solution to keep them clean and free of pests and disease.

For this pest spray, you will need:

  • Ivory Dishsoap – 10 drops (or other mild soap)
  • Listerine – capful
  • Tobacco Juice – 1 Tbls.
  • Warm Water – 1 quart/liter

Mix and put into spray bottle devoted solely to pest spray. Spray on plant at first sign of pests or disease.


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