Arenque de Locrio (Smoked Herring and Rice)

This is made similar to Pica-Pica de Locrio, but without tomato paste and with coconut milk. It is one of my favorite comfort foods!

Time: Approx. 30min once you have experience making it.
Serves: 8 – serve with Cabbage Salad

You will need:

  • Wide (approx. 12-14″), shallow (approx. 4″) pan. I use stainless steel pan, works best to create the concon (prized lightly brown crunchy rice at the bottom of pan).
  • Rice (Chaval) – approx. 4 cups
  • Water – approx. 4 cups to cook (additional water to wash the rice)
  • Coconut Milk – 1 can
  • Oil – 6 Tbls.
  • Smoked Herring – approx. 6oz (to your taste)
  • Onion (Pyaz) 1 large or 2 small-medium, diced small
  • Garlic (Lahsun) 4 large or 6 medium cloves, minced
  • Red/Green Bell Peppers (Shimla Mirch) 1/2 each, or 1 Red Pepper, chopped
  • Celery (Ajwain) 2 stalks diced small. Celery seed (Ajumd) can be used
  • Cilantro (Hara Dhania) handful, chopped = Coriander (Dhania) can be used instead but will be more spicy
  • Green Olives (Jaitun) half handful, chopped small
  • Fish or Chicken Bouillion – 1 or 2 large soft cube
  • Adobo – 1 or 2 Tbls.; make your own (ingredients here)
  1. Put 2Tbls oil in pot over medium heat (6).
  2. Add onion, garlic, herring. Add additional oil if needed to keep from sticking.
  3. When onions become translucent, break herring, add peppers, celery, bouillion, and adobo.
  4. Add water, coconut milk, olives, cilantro; bring water to a full boil.
  5. Wash rice and add to pot. (water should just cover the rice, if there’s more – ladle it out); turn heat to medium-low (4)
  6. Keep close eye, do not stir (stirring makes sticky rice).
  7. Let water boil off.
  8. Turn heat to low (2) when the water is gone.
  9. Fill cooking spoon with 4 Tbls of oil and drizzle over rice; stir once.
  10. Cover (do NOT peek throughout cooking time)
  11. Cook 25min.
  12. Remove rice, then remove concon (crunchy rice on bottom); keep separate so concon stays crunchy.

Serves 8


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