Media Monday (1) Who is Simon Miller?

Family movie night afforded me the opportunity to watch the TV movie “Who is Simon Miller?”. It reminded me a lot of “Spy Kids” crossed with “True Lies” (Jamie Lee Curtis), without the spousal cheating.

Simon is a husband, and father of two children (boy and girl), who is always off to save the world. As a geologist who assists in natural disasters, like a natural gas leak in West Virginia, his knowledge and special skills are constantly needed. With no notice he’s always off to some place new.

But in truth, Simon works for a secret government agency, which reports directly to the executive branch. So secret his own wife and children did not know… until he goes missing. Then the whole family becomes involved.

It was a wholesome movie, showing a close-knit family who loves and cares for one another without cheesy cliche stereotypes. The movie really held my attention with a lot of action and suspense, but no blood, gore and very little physical violence.

Thumbs up for NBC for showing a G-rated family movie that truly earned it’s G-rating!


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