Week in Review (1)

Fridays/Saturdays are a great time to review the week, see what has been accomplished, what still needs completed; start your list for Monday.

This week for me:
Spiritually it was a great week;
Emotionally there were lots of ups and downs;
Mentally I’m feeling better;
Physically, worst of the four… let’s just say I’ve had better weeks. Note to self to improve on that this weekend! I have the tools at my fingertips, it’s just the time to carry out. In the long run the time is worth it.

MyFitnessPal (on PC and my Blackberry) were a help in seeing I’m getting enough proteins (or not as the case has been). Couple weeks ago I created “Protein Coffee” … protein powder mixed with milk, added to my morning coffee. The protein drink replaces the cream and sugar normally used, so no added fat and calories. It’s a win-win situation! But I’m falling short every day even with double scoop of protein powder.

If you use Body Fortress, there’s a $1 off coupon link on the left of their page. It prints their ad as well, wasting ink, but you can reset printer settings to lightest before clicking print. They have coupons if you ‘Like’ them on Facebook as well. 
My next experiment will be protein cookies. Check back for recipe.

Another tool in the fitness arena is Active.com. They have so much, like training plans, for couch-potatoes to tri-atheletes and everyone in between. If you need a little more structure in your workouts or need fitness info, this is a great site!

This weekend is time to take stock of what needs completed before summer ends. With all the things in need of winterizing, NOW is the time to get started. Can’t shampoo a vehicle and leave it wide open to dry in wintertime! 
Pomodoro Technique, has productivity helps in .pdf:  Activity Inventory worksheet, To Do Today worksheet. Use them with their Cheat Sheet.

For those going out shopping, yesterday began the start of tax-free weekends in 18 states, and Curves has a 1 week free offer to get you jump-started on your workout routine. Staples has a 100 free B/W business cards offer today. Great deal, especially if you’re changing careers! They have these regularly so if you miss it today there will probably be another in a month. 

For those staying home, freebies can come to you. Cottonelle has an offer for a free decorative roll cover (UPC 3600013396). If you have babies, there’s a Huggies free sample and an offer for a free bodysuit with purchase of 2 packs.  Kashi has 2 free samples, choose cinnamon cereal or peanut/choc granola bar.

I hope your week has been a great one. Take some time to improve yourself in one (or all) of the 4 areas this weekend…

I like the products/websites listed and was not paid to blog about them 😛


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    […] and keeps distractions at a minimum by documenting distractions. I wrote about them in my first Week in Review […]

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