When was the last time you took a break from work, school, child-rearing, home repairs, etc, just life in general, to spend time with friends? Have you made plans but something came up? If you haven’t done so in a while, make a date with your friends so it’s set in stone in your calendar. This is just as important as that doctor appointment, or whatever else is on the schedule.Many times people share things face2face (or phone) they would not share via email or IMing. Actually speaking to someone, especially someone you’ve known all life, makes a person more open to share than through the distance of online.
E-mail is a fantastic option for busy moms who, by the time all chores are done and children asleep, are exhausted from their day and too late at night to call a friend to chat. So e-mail is a lovely convenience that can be utilized 24/7 and friends are still there for support and companionship during child-rearing years.

I talked to a friend for several hours, so didn’t get to bed till almost 12am. I had planned to be ‘smart’ and get to bed by 11pm ;-). (I will tonight, exhausted). It was so nice to talk, share, listen, cry and laugh. Like a cleansing of the soul. 

Spoke with another friend yesterday, and I remembered what it is to laugh a full body laugh; it’s been so long. Some of the things were ‘Jeff Foxworthy‘ type, like his co-driver (who was driving) fell asleep while he was in the sleeper compartment. He woke to the truck rocking, then the top of the cab ripped open when they hit a freeway sign. As the light poured in the hole of the roof he said he heard a voice saying “son, today isn’t your day”. LOL Obviously he’s ok and in good spirits, thankfully. And he got a new co-driver 😛

Who makes you laugh and feel good after a talk? Take the time to schedule some time with them… you’ll be glad you did. The time “lost” will be recooped in your boosted energy and productivity levels.  Those who drain you and make you feel like there’s a rock hanging around your neck as you swim to shore with all your might need to be cut off. But sometimes it’s not simple if there are ties not easily cut.

Today had been such a wonderful day, like every day this month, it has been such an uplifting happy time… getting back to way I was all life before a year ago. Then same thing, daily, conversation with someone who should care and be kind but instead always makes me feel worthless, drowning me in darkness.  Then I read a post from a friend with a message so on target, the timing could not have been more perfect and it made me cry even more hard. I responded right away, but it was just a short thanks because tears were blinding me.

Everything does happen for a reason and I believe God brings people in and out of our lives to teach, help, comfort and more. I bounced back today from that pit of despair with the helping hand of a new friend. Thank God for friends, old and new, and ever-lasting. Thank God for them all.

Where’s the phone? Call your friend who makes you laugh and lifts your heart, have some tea and chat. It’ll be awesome.


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