Today I read something which inspired me to write again. After reading this list, my mind immediately said “where are the most important two?!” but then came the thought “each person’s list is unique”.

As you get older your expectations list might shrink as people disappoint you over the years. It will change as your life situations change… and it will change as your world grows, changes, and new people come in and out of your life. It will change drastically from your 20’s to your 40’s, 60’s, or 80’s.

Each person has their own view on life and of people. For me, I do not respect those who do not have a belief in God, no matter by which name they call Him (God, Allah, Great Spirit, Dios, Gott, Dieu, and so on).

Yes, there are people who do not have a belief in a Higher Power, but for me this is unimaginable. I don’t have respect for those who cannot see the amazing things in this world and know there is a God.

The rest of the items on my list are lesser but color my judgement of a person.
I respect a person who rises before the sun. Why? In my experience I know they are more than likely a productive person. For me that is important. We are here to serve, be productive, to make good use of the life we are gracefully given. To waste it is a sin. Rising before the sun also gives you time for reflection, to think clearly before the world awakes.

I respect those who have a heart… a caring, compassionate, loving, empathetic heart. A person such as this sees the wrongs of the world and does their part to promote change, even if no one else knows about their work.
Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t make a difference, but it does; even doing a little can have a ripple effect! So I will always respect people who have a heart.

There is more to my list, but these are most important to me. That’s another thing that changes in time, not only the list items but their level of importance. Make a physical list that you can look at in 2yrs or 5yrs or 10yrs and see how much you’ve grown, evolved, adapted. I hope it is all for the good… peace be upon you.



  1. Waqas Ali said,

    August 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks for writing this post Buttons,

    -Rising before the sun & being a person with heart, work a lot if done regularly. I used to get up early, but in past five years life is messed up with working late night.

    Will consider doing so, and I’m proud to say I’ve good heart. 😉

    I have experienced it myself that priorities get change with time, and I encourage people to look at old pictures of them and read old email.

    Mine got changed a lot in just two years, and I’m open to more.

    Thank you Buttons for appreciating good deeds. You’re awesome!

    • Buttons said,

      August 2, 2011 at 4:05 pm

      Thanks Waqas, I think you’re pretty awesome too!
      Something comes to mind, reading your comment “if done regularly”… it’s true, it needs be on regular basis (waking early and doing good deeds). Something I’ve been struggling with, so as not to make same mistakes over again, is how to know difference of bad or good people BEFORE getting to know them well enough that they make a mess in my life (if they’re bad).

      An epiphany this morning made this so clear to me, though don’t know if it will make sense to others. The key is to surround yourself with good people, then bad ones will stand out and be obvious. Same way they train people to catch forged money. There are so many types of bad money out there, it’s impossible to train for all of them, so they train them to recognize the good money instead.

      I’ve been doing it wrong, I know what some bad people are, so always have guard up against those; but I can’t possibly know all the bad out there! If surround myself with good people then the bad ones will be obvious (I hope). When people are saying one thing, but their actions don’t match*, the subconscious catches that and warns you via gut feeling. I’ve never regretted following my gut, but many times have regretted not listening to it.
      *Example: someone told me he was great believer in charity, but when he would not donate blood my gut feeling went off and I asked him to what types of .org he donates his time, money, or things. He said his parents do not allow him to do any type of charity (his mother even fought against him giving a blood donation to his aunt while the aunt was ill in hospital, but he went against her on that). I should have ran far away! Lesson learned.

      As you can see, I’ve spent a lot of time in reflection lately. Many life changes happening, I’m going through 4 of the biggest life changes that cause stress (no wonder my cortisol levels are through the roof!), so keep me and my loved ones in your prayers.

      • Waqas Ali said,

        August 2, 2011 at 4:20 pm

        Surely I’ll dear! Did you read the post which I wrote for you and one other friend?

      • Buttons said,

        August 2, 2011 at 4:58 pm

        On the “Facing Hard Time” post? I did read it, and took advice from it, though I didn’t know I was one of the people it was directed toward. Thank you, because it did help.
        Some decisions are made very hard if they feel ‘selfish’ and this is where one of my issues is. I can fight to the death for someone else and what they deserve, but when it comes to myself it is difficult. It’s habit to think of the other person first, so when what is best for me is not what is best for someone else, it is a very hard decision.
        Thanks for being so supportive, you have no idea how much it means.

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