Do You Feel Special?

Do you have ‘special’ items somewhere gathering dust? You know, those expensive beauty product samples you set aside to use on a ‘special’ occasion. Or the nice scented candles you tucked away in the cabinet ‘for later’ or set of ‘good’ dishes that haven’t seen daylight since you brought it home from mom’s or grammy’s place… you’re waiting to use those when the King of England comes to dinner? It might be awhile before William is King, besides…… it’s not gonna happen! Time to bust it out and use it for the king and queen, little princes and princesses in your home. YOU are special everyday! So are your children, and especially your spouse. What about your best friend who is always there for you, or your neighbor who has done a 1000  awesome things for you… time to use these ‘special’ things for the people who truly are special in your life. Have a candlelight dinner ‘just because’, try out that new recipe on them… even if it turns out not perfect, everything tastes better on nice dishes with candlelight 🙂 

Try out the new skin cream that’s supposed to make you glow or the shampoo sample which claims to make your hair soft and silky – do it now in case it makes your hair fall out or the cream turns you orange 😉  You shouldn’t use a product right before an event that you’ve never used previously.  Same with new haircuts, get your hair cut a week in advance.

My thing is candles, though I do use them there are so many accumulated over the years I’ll never have to buy another, so this is also a cabinet clutter buster! The ‘good’ dishes was another for me. After a health issue 12yrs ago I thought to myself “Why am I saving all this stuff… for my husband’s next wife?!” That prompted me to begin having ‘special’ dinners. My son LOVES it! We don’t drink but we use the wine glasses anyway, for juice. When he was little, he felt so grownup being allowed to use the good glassware and dishes. We ended up using small tealights at ‘regular’ dinners because he loved candlelight dinner so much.

So, what have YOU been saving back for a ‘special’ occasion? Do you allow yourself to feel special? Do you make the people in your life feel special? 
Try it 🙂 you’ll be glad you did!


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