Would You Give Up Your Citizenship?

If so, what country would you choose? What is it that draws you there?For me, the Dominican Republic is my haven, my love, my heaven on earth. While some people love it there for the resorts, I’ve never been to one. The area I go to is backward, no running water, sewer system doesn’t exist, roads aren’t paved and dangerous to speed on because the potholes are so numerous and deep… but the people and the area are so welcoming, wonderful, lovely. It feels like home like nowhere else on earth.

Yes, there is much corruption in government and police force; difference is that it is right out in the open, not hidden by a false front. When you get pulled over, it’s not uncommon to receive a request for lunch money before being allowed to continue on your way.

Crime is there as well, in some areas more so than others. Imagine my shock as we pull into an open, but dark (due to load share), gas station at night and while one man comes to the driver’s side to take the payment and fill up the car, another man on the passenger side points a shotgun at us to make certain we do not rob the first man.

The ‘good’ hospitals do not hold a candle to our ‘bad’ hospitals… that’s why you don’t go, unless you’re already dying. Instead, home remedies are the norm. This is another reason I love it there, people have common sense when it comes to ‘medicine’ – treat the ailment, not the symptoms.

Although backward in many ways, amazingly, they are more advanced than we in the USA in some aspects. Child support owed? Stop a cop, pick up the father or mother and go to court right then and there. There is no waiting months or years for a child to have proper support.

My dream someday would be to have an eco-friendly home there… I would give up my citizenship for it.



  1. old rural runner said,

    July 29, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    It would be great to have an eco-friendly home in the Dominican Republic. However, would you really have to give up your citizenship to do this?

    • Buttons said,

      July 30, 2011 at 2:55 am

      “Have to” doesn’t enter into the equation as far as D.R. but for many countries it is an issue (the question was for everyone, not just folks interested in permanently relocating to D.R.).
      Remember, the US ‘tolerates’ dual citizenship but that is ‘policy’ which could be revoked at any time. Also, many countries do not allow dual citizenship _at all_ and require US citizenship to be renounced when becoming a citizen of their country. I chose not to become a member of another country because of this. You must check the laws of any country where you may be considering becoming a citizen, you may decide it’s not worth it!

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