Ouch! Something Bit Me!

How many times have you heard that from your child/ren (or spouse)? For me it’s mosquitoes… if I’m not eating garlic to keep those monsters at bay, they eat me alive like chum at a shark convention! What do you do to take the {{{itch}}} out?Because I’m frugal, and at times cheap 😛 I refuse to buy high-priced products. Instead, immediately dab a little ammonia on the mosquito bite with a cotton ball and no more itch! So, next time you’re in the store and see a take-a-long anti-itch tube/stick (has a roller-ball with liquid inside), check the ingredients. I did.
The active ingredient in AfterBite® is ammonia 😉

If you have a lot of bites (or a child has chicken pox!), try putting socks on the hands at night to prevent unconsciously scratching. If scratched open, they can become infected!

If you have a bite that just won’t stop itching, make a little paste of baking soda and water to apply to the bite.

Have a happier, itch-free, summer!


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