Do you have a test coming up? (memory boosters)

These things will help you recall info, boost your memory… eat well, rest well, and stay hydrated for general good health, but especially before tests!

Dairy and Eggs: rich in Choline, which helps the brain store and recall information.

Caffeine: helps improve attention and problem solving skills (ONE cup of coffee or tea, too much caffeine is not good).

Raisins, apples, nuts: main component is Boron, which helps in memory and attention.

So during that cram session the night before a test, make healthy snacks of yogurt with crushed nuts on top or boiled eggs. Next morning have a cup of coffee or tea (or my preference: Dirty Chai) and if no time for nice breakfast (poached eggs, bowl of Apple Oatmeal, glass of milk), take a bag of nuts and raisin mixture to snack on the way.

Avoid carbs (breads, pastas, etc) , they will make you sleepy if you are just sitting.


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