Life is…as good as it gets right now

Sitting here at the hospital waiting for them to come get me. Have the wristband on and checked in. So right now life is scary. Don’t feel so good, maybe because I vomited so many times in the taxi ride here! Thankfully not IN the taxi, he had to pull over 3x and once at light. LOL he said “oh dis never happens except at night wid de drunks” hahahaha well this never happens with me except when someone is driving like a maniac, bouncing me all over place LOL I can laugh now, wasn’t funny when I was so very sick. After vomitting 8 or more times we finally arrived at the hospital. Took an hour but am feeling better, just little dizzy and tightness in chest, which is not good but sure beats an hour ago! Add hot/cold/fear sweats and a rolling sick stomach. Just hope these tests go ok and I make it home safely. Thank God for the BB, it keeps me connected. Can’t wait to get home. Don’t like being away…I am happiest at home, among my animals, plants, green trees, flowers and grass. Love and miss it and only been gone not even 2hrs. I’m a homebody.

Talking about home, I feel more relaxed. Life is happy and good at home. Grew up on a farm so love being surrounded by green. I can’t breathe in the city, everything dirty and close, buildings too close, too much traffic, people too close. Courtesy requires an arm length away but everyone wants to get so close. Ok, rambling.

Will look at my drafts and maybe post from those… had so many ideas the other day that everything was falling out of my head so quickly I did not finish one before the next idea came. In that way “life is good”.

Keep me and my child in your prayers….


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