Apple Oatmeal (Fast)

This is a fast, and healthy, alternative to those expensive, store-bought single packets of flavored oatmeal. It takes basically same amount of time to make as those packets (open packet, add water, nuke; measure oats, add juice, nuke), but you control the amount of sugar you consume, the ingredients are healthier, and it is less expensive!You will need:

1 cup (approx. 237ml) Apple (Sev) Juice – or your favorite flavor juice that will go well with oatmeal, I like peach (aahroo) a lot. Though I like grapefruit and cranberry juices a lot, they are yucky in this 🙂  You want more of a ‘sweet’ juice for this. I’ve also used store-bought white grape juice, and that works ok as well, but apple and peach are best (IMHO).

1/2 cup (approx. 113gr) Oats – Minute or Old-fashioned rolled, either is fine. Depends on your preference of texture, minute is more smooth like store-bought flavored/sweetened oatmeal packets so might be best to try those first. Old-fashioned are more whole and have much more texture.

Add 2 ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl
Microwave for 2 minutes on high
Stir, taste
Add raw sugar if you have a sweet-tooth (avoid white sugar! I prefer the sweetness from the juice)
Enjoy your breakfast 🙂


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