Lime Tea

In Ohio we’re having a lot of bad weather, high heat, a lot of storms, and for some of us this causes sinus pressure and swelling. We just passed through allergy season, with springtime blooms and major sinus issues. If you’re like me, $160 (price about 12yrs ago!) for a prescription to clear it up just isn’t in the budget, but dealing with the symptoms isn’t an option either … enter ‘lime tea’.

Lemons are not going to substitute; lemons/limes are not interchangeable. For a moment I will revert to home school mom: Lemons are acidic, Limes are alkaline. Lemons are good for a detox flush of your body and internal organs; because they cannot survive in the alkaline environment, limes are good to fight bacteria and viruses.

You’ll need:
> 2 limes, scrubbed clean and cut in half
> quart or liter of water (no need for perfect measurement)
> a menthol drop, i.e. ‘cough drop’ (or 2 if you use mugs instead of standard coffee cup), 10mg honey/lemon flavor if possible so the taste blends better with the lime (here in the USA the highest menthol I’ve seen is 10mg but in other countries, such as Dominican Republic, much higher is available)
> Honey for sweetening (you should avoid white sugar, but if it’s all you have try to use as little as possible)

Put menthol drop/s into cup or mug.
Squeeze lime juices into the water; put rind of one lime into the water as well.
Bring the water to a boil and your ‘tea’ is done.
Pour your tea over the menthol drop in the cup; sweeten to taste.
Breathe deeply as you sip your tea… you’ll feel better soon.


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  1. June 2, 2012 at 9:43 am

    […] much more pleasant to begin the week! The extreme weather is taking a toll, thank goodness for lime tea. Drinking this daily helps […]

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