Internet rabbit hole…

It’s been a while since I went down there!  This is kind of a mash up of my previous Media Monday and Web Wednesday.  Here are a few things I’d like to share:

Thought this ice cream ball was pretty cool, although the reviews are pretty bad (leaking, heavy like a weight ball, hard to get ice cream out). Since I have two ice cream makers I wasn’t tempted to buy but still thought it was pretty cute.

I’m not normally one of those people who says “oh my god I can’t wait for next season” of whatever show.  As much as I liked TWD I would simply wait until the end of the season then watch the entire season, but I have to say Sneaky Pete has me addicted… I cannot wait until March 9th!

Shows I binge watched because after the first episode I couldn’t stop!
Stuff you should know” with Josh and Chuck… they also have a podcast!
Worth it” with Steven, Andrew, and Adam

With so many devices connected to the Internet it’s a good idea to secure your camera.  While you can shut off the camera on your computer in the settings, it’s possible for it to be turned back on remotely.  Here’s a DIY web cam cover that slides… same concept as the little plastic covers that break easily, but these are more sturdy.

You can purchase covers like these 10pk webCam coverups for $1.50  They say vinyl but look like paper and the website doesn’t mention being reusable.  Or these reusable webCam covers with a white lock icon (also a 10pk) for $8.98  The ability to remove and reapply is handy on devices where the camera is used.

I went with the latter for work meetings on the computer, need to remove/reapply, but I may put in an order for the former because they’re a little smaller (.4 vs .6) than the white lock ones, which are just a bit large for my iPhone.  If so, I’ll update here on the blog.  I also want to make at least one of the DIY sliders.

The first few minutes of 30 things you keep doing wrong are helpful but don’t waste your time after seven minutes.  I love the home repair and Band-Aid tips!  Who knew?!

Till next time…


2018 Reboot

Okay, so the last four birthdays have been really shitty and New Year’s Eves haven’t been that great.  I feel like February is my “new year” the last several years and I just want to forget all about January.  I’m back to writing but I don’t know if it’s going to be weekly, right now my goal is monthly.

The past 10 years have been fraught with a lot of health issues, from brown recluse spider bite to heart issues to eye injuries to cancer.  I’ve always been tough but dealing with all this stuff alone has been even more tough.  I’m blessed to have friends but everyone is far-flung in different states so it’s not the same as having support locally when you get home from the hospital.

ATM I’m a under the weather but I think it’s just the drastic weather changes typical of February that’s causing most of the joint pain.  I’d have to look at the calendar to be sure but I believe it’s been six weeks today I’ve been med free.  When I realized three of the medicines I was taking were simply for side effects of the other medicines, in addition to my doctor trying to add more meds to mask rather than address the issues, I got frustrated and quit everything… And I’ve been doing very well till this week!

I was off work Saturday but felt wonky all day so I only put in a few hours Sunday and scheduled Monday off.  I also canceled all overtime for this week as a preventative measure in case I was still not well.  Very glad I did that!  Only working a few hours Sunday and having off completely Sat./Mon./Tues./Wed. will make a huge difference.

Hopefully I can make the time this year to post Thoughts from the Pot on a regular basis!


The new year started out wonderful…
Logged out of Facebook from early afternoon on December 30th until the evening of the 5th of January. I should’ve turned my phone off then as well because the NYE dick pics started early (night of the 30th/31st early morning).  That prompted me to shut it off! Didn’t turn it back on until the afternoon of January 2nd. Some people are idiots… can’t hold an intelligent conversation, have no hobbies/passions/interests, all they have to offer is their sex organs and duh! everyone has those #NotImpressed

I started chatting with a guy around Christmas; met with him twice.  His divorce was final on the morning of the 5th so I took him to lunch even though I really couldn’t afford it (expensive place!). He’d never been and it’s my favorite place so I thought “celebrate his divorce and my birthday early”.  On my birthday he told me I should walk away… Happy birthday to me, right?

I should’ve listened to my gut during that two weeks, could’ve bought myself a much needed pair of winter boots and maybe even a new blouse or two with the wasted money. At least I listened to my gut about not allowing him to come to my home… relationships with hobosexuals suck and I believe that’s where it would’ve gone (hobosexual = person who enters a relationship for a place to live)

So I’m having a 2017 reboot beginning last night because I had a great New Year’s until I let a guy run it.  The reboot was good until this morning when my phone started ringing nonstop for about four hours.  I think all of the fires are now put out and I’m shutting my phone off for the next three days because I’m in no mood.  Time for me to hit up the gaming clan, have some great food, loads of coffee and fun!

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